this love

playing with watercolour ♥


in my neighbourhood

a message after the beep

even though i'm too stressed to blog and post all the photos i've got in queue, i'm having a really good time. hope you make yourself a comfortable warm winter too… staying in bed & drinking lots of hot chocolate ♥


going to bed with a new book tonight ♡

obsolete” by anna jane grossmann with beautiful illustrations by james gulliver hancock

lastnights coffee

i made a illu-collab flyer together with annesubstanz for die charts (myspace), one of our favourite bands, playing at our favourite venue zucker club, on 11. december

really looking forward having the printed flyers & posters in my hands and then finally seeing the band playing and probably starting to cry at some songs ♥

die charts – jacken an!


konica big mini 201 / e6–c41 cross

last summerdays

i finally uploaded more crossprocessed photos from the last days of summer this year in bremen & hamburg. can't wait… only 229 days till next summer.

moi et le bouillotte

i ♥ my hot water bottle!
illustration by frl.zucker


i made a tour poster for annalena bludau with a photo she send me.